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Fluorescent minerals

The Earth will pass through the Comet's tail.

The comet's appearance in 1910 triggered an amazing response in the population. In 1908 Professor Morehouse discovered a new comet and in doing a spectroscopic examination of its tail found that it contained gasses, including cyanogen gas. Cyanogen gas is related to Cyanide poison. Upon the announcement that the tail contained Cyanogen gas, the public, knowing that we were going to pass through Halley's Comet's tail in 1910, started the rumor mill going - Everyone on Earth would die of cyanide poisoning. Scientists were quick to assure everyone that the gas was so thin that it would not have any impact on the planet. The newspapers were delighted to generate news of the supposed impending disaster.

1910 postcard showing the Earth passing through the Comet's tail

A rare Professor Morehouse lecture ticket. The professor traveled around giving lectures. Note the spelling of Hally's. It was spelled like it sounds with a hard "A".

Another rare ticket for a comet event in Philadelphia

1910 was the height of the postcard "craze" throughout the world. People loved to send postcards to their friends and the postcard makers made dozens of Comet - End of the World - postcards. In French, the words were Fin Du Monde and in German the word was Weltuntergang.

A photographer, Photo Postals, set up a stand in New York that offered people the opportunity to have their photo taken, riding on the back of the comet. Very few examples of his work have survived.

Newspaper clipping about Comet Pills The Comet Comes! Make your reckoning for it is the end of the world.

Arthur Thiele's artwork showing the effect of the comet on the population. Ladder to the Moon. Photos taken of the spectacle - Payable in advance.

Escape the Earth as the comet is about to wipe out the population. This series can also be found in German.

Zurich Switzerland card with political overtones
The Last Night in Zurich

Old Woman, Put away that umbrella. When the Comet sees your face, the Earth will be saved.

The Darling Comet - A series of 6 postcards showing lovers under Halley's Comet

"Don't let Hallies Comet hit you", May 19, 1910

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