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Comet Parties will be the Craze

Above is a super rare comet party hat. In 1910 comet parties were very popular as the newspaper clipping below indicates. Parties were held in many countries and throughout the United States. Special drinks were created to celebrate.

In 1986, I put together a cruise on the SS Norway with Norwegian Cruise Lines to celebrate the comet. Too bad the comet's appearance was so poor. We did get to see the comet but it was not easy to see. The cruise was billed as an Escape the Comet cruise. We had entertainment and speakers such as Harry Blackstone, Jr., the magician, Ed Gibson, an astronaut from the Skylab mission, Mr. Wizard, and Joe Laufer, editor of Halley's Comet Watch newsletter. Luckily we went for the party approach rather than the scientific approach and everyone had a great time.

Newspaper clipping about escaping the comet

An 1835 papier mache, oriental tray showing the comet

An 1835 papier mache table top showing a comet.

A rare comet bracelet and earrings made from 1910 comet buttons

Clothing buttons made to honor the comet in 1910

Sterling silver earrings made in celebration of the comet of 1910
My 1986 Comet logo cast in gold plated sterling silver as a pendant.

A 1910 Halley's Comet token from South America and found in Uruguay

A group of three 1910 macerated stamps postcards from France

On November 13, 1899 there was a large meteor shower in Europe and cards were created for the occasion. It is interesting that they thought it was a comet that caused the shower and the cards were Der Komet Kommt or The Comet Comes. Also interesting is the building in the bottom left card that shows a store selling comet pills - Kometenpillen - shades of things to come in 1910.

A rare 1910 Comet Plug Cut Tobacco lunchpail-type tin
ca.1910 cigarbox label for Edmund Halley cigars

Products that used the comet for a comparison to their product. I really like the comment that the comet only comes once in every 75 years, but Pear's soap is visible every day. I don't think Pear's Soap is still around.

Comet Whiskey label from 1910
"What drives the comet through the skies inquiring Little Johnny cries. Hold to the light my son and see, the wonders of astronomy". An 1882 trade card created to take advantage of the comet in the skies and advertising the Light-Running Jackson wagon.

An 1882 trade card for Morse's Indian Root Pills shows a lady pointing upwards towards the comet.
An 1882 jeweler's trade card for Keystone watch cases

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