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An eclectic mix of Stuart Schneider's Legal Practice, books, photography, and other pleasures. This page alone has been seen by over 97,640 visitors (as of 12/9/23).

My Law practice - Contracts, Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, Real Estate purchases and sales, & Purchase and Sale of Businesses. Flashlight litigation (patents, trade dress, history, etc.)


Fluorescent Minerals - 18 pages of incredible fluorescent minerals (including 6 pages of rare pieces for sale, Update 2023) from New Jersey, other states, & the World. Also Links, Books, and other information on the subject.

My two books - Collecting Fluorescent Minerals (Revised 2nd Edition), with 846 color photos and The World of Fluorescent Minerals, 997 color photographs (all different photos from Collecting Fluorescent Minerals) of worldwide minerals - are available. Order autographed copies now (see page 6). The price of either is only $25.00 plus postage.

RARE MULTI-COLOR - Xonotlite (great coverage) with prehnite, apatite and an unidentified mineral that fluoresces pale yellow from the Franklin mine, Franklin, Sussex County, NJ. The xonotlite fluoresces lavender SW, the prehnite fluoresces pink SW, the apatite fluoresces orange SW and the unidentified mineral fluoresces pale yellow SW & LW. It weighs 13.1 oz. and is 4.5 x 3.0 x 1.5 inches. item #2630

My Fluorescent Minerals For Sale pages are updated about 3 times a year and offer a wide selection of rare and interesting fluorescent minerals at the best prices on the Internet.

Ghosts In The Cemetery

Ghosts In The Cemetery III - Around The World - is my third cemetery book, but this one is privately printed. The cover photo was taken in Valpariso, Chile. I traveled to Chile, Ireland,, Scotland, Washington DC, Pittsburg, Atlanta, and California. The photography is beautiful! It is a hard cover, coffee-table book with 44 pages that is $75.00 plus $4.00 postage from me. The book is limited to 25 signed copies and is printed on photographic high quality, luster paper.

The Ghost Hunter's Tool Kit has been recently published by Schiffer Books and is now available. This paranormal tool kit, with my photos on the Tarot cards, can spark intuitive abilities and link them to scientific research. It offers assistance with client interaction and paranormal research by using a special Tarot deck designed specifically for ghost investigations and paranormal studies. Included are dowsing rods to further enhance divination skills and a ghostly version of the Major Arcana Tarot. If you're new to the paranormal field, try your hand at starting your own team with this easy-to-follow kit! The boxed kit is $34.95 and available from me (at a friend's discount of $29.95) or at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or your favorite bookstore.

Ghosts In The Cemetery II, Farther Afield - is my second cemetery book. The cover photo was taken at the Harper Cemetery in Harpers Ferry WV. I traveled to France, Arizona, West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, and new cemeteries in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Boston, and Connecticut. The photography is mind-blowing! It is a hard cover, coffee-table book that costs $24.95 from me or at your favorite bookstore.

Ghosts In The Cemetery - A Photographic Journal of Visiting Spirits that reside in the cemetery. Some photos here are from my book, Ghosts In The Cemetery and some are from the second book, Ghosts In The Cemetery II. I still have a few signed First Editions of "Ghosts I", so if you would like a signed First Edition of the first book order now.

Below is the cover of Ghosts In The Cemetery which includes 22 ghost stories, one for each cemetery. It is beautiful and costs just $19.95. You can buy it from me and I will sign it. It is also available from my publisher, Schiffer Publishing (if you are a retail dealer) or Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Boarders, etc. It is a coffee table-type book, printed on heavy, glossy color stock, with 136 pages, 70 large color photographs, and is 8.5 x 11.0 inches. Postage, if you buy it from me, is only $3.00 in the US, sent in a cardboard case. Click quietly (so as not to disturb the spirits) to continue to the photos.

The Abraham Lincoln Collection - (5 pages Updated 12/24) - The Lincoln Collection contains an incredible group of vintage photographs, paintings, prints, and other pieces from our collection, many of which are illustrated in my book "Collecting Lincoln".

Picture Frame Collection: Beautiful and rare, antique Picture Frames. Pages of beautiful frames from our collection of antique and collectible picture frames from the early 1800s to the 1930s.

I have a new website for Antique Picture Frames alone. It is at: AntiqueFrames8x10.com . It has superb, Antique American frames.

My book that accompanies the collection and adds so much more information, including tabletop frames and frame values.

The Halloween Museum - (10 pages and now 3 pages with dozens of Vintage Halloween Costumes and Vintage Trick or Treat Bags For Sale, updated each October) Each year there we have a party with a different theme. 2017 was the Hawaiian Luau (guests brought food & drink), 2016 was the Chef's Party (guests cooked or baked food), 2015 was the Classic Halloween Party, 2014 was the Day Of The Dead Party, 2013 was the Famous Couples Party, 2012 was the Hobo Party, 2011 was the Toga Party, 2010 was Detective Murder Mystery, 2009 was Hippies, 2008 was Jumpsuit Party, 2006 was Pajama Party, 2005 was Black & White party, 2004 was the Old Folks Retirement Home, and 2003 was a Pirates of the Carribean Halloween. There has been Elvis, Religion, Outer Space, Gothic, Cowboys & Indians, etc. Get some great ideas for your theme party. Images, Antique & Vintage Halloween collectibles, Decorating tips, Party ideas, Links, & more.

The Flashlight Museum - (11 pages with 4 pages of For Sale pieces updated every 6 months or so) where you can see an incredible gallery of rare antique & collectible flashlights and read a bit about their history. (above: Rare Rod-D-Lite combination fishing rod and flashlight made about 1940 and a rare Matchless light from about 1906).

My Jujitsu Black Belt Tests - I was awarded my 4th degree Black Belt on July 8, 2017. On November 10, 2013, I received my 3rd degree black belt in Jujitsu. On April 9, 2011, I received my 2nd degree black belt and on May 16th, 2009 I tested for and received my Black Belt after nine years of training. Here are some photos from the three tests.

The Halley's Comet Museum - (7 pages with 2 new pages of For Sale pieces) Halley's comet last appeared in 1986. My book, "Halley's Comet - Memories of 1910" covered the antiques and collectibles that appeared as the comet arrived in 1757, 1835, and 1910. Here are rare pieces from the most interesting Comet collection in the world.

The Space Memorabilia Museum - (6 pages) There is also new pages of Space Memorabilia for sale.) On October 4, 1957, the U.S.S.R. launched Sputnik into space. This was the firing shot of the space race that put the First man on the moon in 1969. Here are rare pieces from our Space Memorabilia collection. It includes Soviet and US buttons commemorating flights, Space toys, pennants waved at ticker tape parades for the astronauts, and other amazing pieces that capture that time when we first went into space and all the world was watching.

Twenty-Two of my books on Antiques, Collectibles, and Minerals:

Books on Fountain Pens & Ballpoint pens,

Books on Lincoln, Halloween & Cigarette Lighters,

Photography Permitted - Photographs of unusual signs and unusual places.

Magnetic Healing Devices: Quack Medical Devices or Wonderful Cure-all? Boyds Batteries and Other Magnetic Healing Devices. (Updated 12/2017)

Ghostwriter - How I can help you write that book or article that is in your head or notes.

Waffle recipes - Yes, here are some of the best recipes for sourdough and other exotic waffles. Site statistics for this page say that over 51,117 people have visited this page for waffle recipes.

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