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Ever Ready made bicycle and carriage lights around the turn of the century. Before these lights, everyone used kerosene or carbide or even candle powered lights to see what was in front of them at night. These lights are sought after by bicycle collectors as well as flashlight collectors.

This larger 5 cell light was called the Ever Ready Carriage Lamp and was made in 1900.

A pair of 1900 oak Ever Ready Bicycle Lamps. These have an 1898 patent date on the top of the case and the handle could be pushed forward or back to lock in place and give continuous light. There was a red jewel on the left side and a green jewel on the right side so other drivers could see you from the side.

A 1922 fraternal organization convention souvenir "Islam Temple, San Francisco -1922" flashlight with original gift case.

A rare Ever Ready three color belt lamp. The knob on top turned to put a red or green filter in front of the bulb. Probably made about 1914.

The Ohio Electric Works was an early company that was probably bought out by another company. Not many lights can be found that were made by Ohio Electric. This is the "Comet" style light that was sold by several companies. No one is really sure who made the lights. Ever Ready sold a Comet light. These lights date to about 1905 or so.

A good lookiing 1930s Eveready desk calendar.

A photograph of the inside of a typical small-town hardware store. This one is in Batavia, New York. Note the Eveready Daylo display case filled with flashlights on the counter. If they did not have what you needed, they would order it. Photo dates to about 1919.

A 1915 Sterling silver medal given to a merchant who sold a lot of flashlights in their store. A ca.1914 French Battery Company (later Ray-O-Vac) watch fob.

A 1918 Eveready Daylo pistol style flashlight with its original box. The light is not too difficult to find, but the box is nearly impossible.

A group of three vest pocket lights, ca.1912, by Eveready. The one in the middle is the toughest to find and is more accurately called a flask-style light. The ivory colored light is also difficult to find. These lights can have a 1904 patent date or a 1912 patent date. If they have a switch and not a button, they are 1912 or later lights regardless of what date is on the bottom plate.

A pair of Eveready night stand lights from the 1950s covered in calfskin leather.

USALite Swivel-Head lights and boxes. These were made from 1942 to about 1955

Back view showing the contact point so the lights could stay connected when swiveled

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