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1936 Mickey Mouse candle light that stands about 4 inches tall. I also have had a Snow White version and I assume that there were other Disney characters.

A collection of tin lithographed flashlights is a review of comic and personalities that were popular in comic strips and on television. These are inexpensive tin flashlights with lithographed designs.

The Davy Crockett Pathfinder flashlight that used 2 "C" cells
The rare G Man Signal Lite flashlight made by Hipco about 1955
The Pluto tin lantern made about 1958.

USALite Mickey Mouse light. It was made in 1935 and 1936 and used 2 "D" cells. There were 3 other USALite lights made in a similar style that I am seeking. They were the Donald Duck Serenade, The Three Little Wolves, and the Silly Symphony Joy-A-Teers.
USALite Mickey Mouse "D" cells.

Two rare ducks - Donald and Ludwig Von Drake and Mickey Mouse
These were made about 1960 and used 2 "D" cells.

Roy Rogers USALite made about 1955 shown with a store display and the matching Lone Ranger flashlight.
Both used 2 "D" cells.

Robin Hood flashlight from about 1956. Made in Canada
1950s Space Boy Siren-Lite by Hipco

The siren feature (blow through it to make the siren whine) was in the endcap.

Space Ranger Jet Audio-lite from about 1955 by Hipco
Space Lite from about 1956 made in Canada
The Cowboy Flash from about 1955

1950s Space Cadet with the Cadet fighting with another spaceman by USALite
Space Cadet and its original box
1950s Space Cadet with the Cadet fighting with a Martian by USALite

Rare 1950s Hopalong Cassidy Flashlight made by Topper Toys, Chicago.

There are more tin litho'd lights that I've seen, such as G-Men, Indian Chief and others. They are a nice reminder of the popular figures and themes of the last 70 years.

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