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Eveready pocket light with an ornate gold filled overlay. It only stands 3 inches tall, but is a real beauty for the pocket. On the right is a beautiful ca. 1930 Art Deco 2 AAA cell, 900 silver pocket flashlight, hand engraved with a crosshatch design, hallmarked with "2W" and "R&R"

Ever Ready made the first Sterling Silver flashlights about 1904. They used a battery pack that was made of 2 "AA" cells. The above is the hand engraved design. Since these were hand engraved, each light has its own style. There were several other patterns. They made lights for Tiffanys of New York (above left). The Tiffany light is marked on the bottom with the Tiffany name and not the Ever Ready name. These lights are about 3 inches tall.

Although there is no maker's name on the silver plated case, this circa 1910 light looks like it was made by Jaeger. It is a two AAA size light with a lovely Victorian nude on the case.

Model names: Hand Engraved Lines, Engine Turned, Butler Finish, and Plain Polished styles by Ever Ready, ca. 1904

The light on the left is a 2 "AAA" cell gold plated sterling silver Hand Engraved model. It has a tourquoise button while the other silver lights have a red glass jewel button. Circa 1912, American made, R.Blackinton & Co, Hand engraved, slide switch, 2 AAA, model 6804. Blackinton made all sorts of silver goods that were sold in jewelry shops.
Circa 1920 Wm B. Kerr & Co., pocket, hand engraved. Another ca. 1920 Wm B. Kerr & Co., pocket, hand hammered design flashlight that took 3 AA cells, hallmarked w/axe. Kerr made all types of silver goods.

A pair of sterling silver, 2 "AA", pen lights from England. The light in the back is made by Asprey & Co. The top two silver keychain lights, ca. 1920, use a single "AAA" cell while the bottom, ca.1940, uses an "N" cell. American.

"C & N" Sterling Silver penlights, 1942 fluted barrel, and a 1950 silver tubular. Both made in Birmingham, England.

Not too many manufacturers figured out that the public would actually spend money on a nice flashlight in a precious metal. Ever Ready made a 14kt gold model that is pretty tough to find.

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